• Veterans Community Care Program

On June 6, 2019, the New Veterans Community Care Program was launched through the MISSION Act. This program provides access to Chiropractic care from a community provider such as Dr. Cater under certain circumstances. Please visit the US Department of Veterans Affairs website for more specific information. It is important to know that you as a Veteran must have an approval and referral from your VA provider in Naples or through the Bay Pines VA Healthcare System.

  • Chiropractic Care for Veterans

    Dr. Carter is very proud to serve the Veterans in our community through the Veterans Community Care Program. Both of her grandfathers served in World War II, one in the Army and the other in the Navy. Her father also served as a dentist in the Navy. As a Veteran, her father is regularly treated with Chiropractic care and enjoys an active and pain free lifestyle.

    The demands placed on active duty military members are very intense. This can result in injuries, chronic pain, and stress throughout their lifetime. Chiropractic care is an excellent way to manage these issues. Some common conditions that Veterans present with are:

    * Headaches/Migraines * Scoliosis * Muscle spasm
    * Tendonitis * TMJ * Rotator cuff tendonitis
    * Hip / Knee / Foot Pain * Lumbar facet syndrome * Myofascial pain syndrome
    * Carpal Tunnel Syndrome * Kyphosis * Prepatellar bursitis
    * Degenerated Discs * Spondylosis * Cervicalgia
    * Ligament /Tendon Injury * Lumbago * Sprains / Strains



    New evidence is showing that Chiropractic care will help reduce the use of pain medication and Opoids. Chiropractic care also helps decrease stiffness and soreness in the muscles, improves sleep quality, and increases range of motion, balance and mobility. The Veterans Choice Care program is available to improve quality of life with little to no out of pocket cost to the Veteran. Therefore, talk to your VA provider and ask for a referral to Dr. Cater. Schedule an appointment and start feeling better today!

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