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You do not need to be a professional athlete to use Chiropractic Care to keep you competing at your best level. In Southwest Florida, it is common to see athletes participating in sporting events, such as golf or tennis, multiple times a week. This can be comparable to the activity of a professional athlete. Many professional athletes use Chiropractic Care to help them avoid sports injuries and compete at their best level. Chiropractic for sports injuries has a long and rich history; in fact, 31% of NFL teams have a Chiropractor on staff. Skillful and certified Chiropractors have diagnosed and treated sport-related traumas as one of their core competencies.

Sports injuries chiropractic can help define the cause of pain or discomfort and create a flexible treatment plan after that. They can also help you return to play and training faster.

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Sport Injuries Chiropractic Treatment

Southwest Florida is a beautiful place to be outside. Our patients love to play golf, pickle ball, tennis, volleyball, soccer, kayak, swim, run, walk at the beach among many other athletic activities. Unfortunately, sometimes injuries arise from perusing and enjoying your best health. Carter Chiropractic and Wellness can help you recover from any sports injuries so you can return back to doing what you love. We use adjustments that will help ease sports injuries through physical therapy modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, cold laser therapy, manual therapy and Graston Technique.

Chiropractic For Sports Injuries - Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow's symptoms are pain on the outside of the elbow that may spread to the forearm and wrist. The medical name is lateral epicondylitis or lateral epicondylosis. It is caused by repetitive motion of the wrist and forearm that puts strain on the muscles and tendons involved. Direct injury to the elbow and activities other than playing tennis, such as painting, playing golf, playing an instrument and gardening can be at fault.

Treatment of this condition is available at Carter Chiropractic and Wellness. Our Chiropractor can focus on your sports injuries using Graston Technique, physical therapy modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, cold laser therapy and therapeutic exercises.

chiropractic for Sports Injuries - Golf

Injuries associated with the great sport of golf are vast.  Carter Chiropractic & Wellness treats low back pain, mid back pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, shoulder pain and any other sports injuries in golfers on a daily basis with several chiropractic treatments.. 

We use chiropractic adjustments, electrical stimulation, moist heat, ultrasound, cold laser therapy, manual therapy, Graston Technique and rehabilitative exercises to address the specific sport injury's complaint.  We enjoy helping our patients return to the course and especially love it when the chiropractic for sports injuries treatment helps them to play their best round ever.

Sports Injuries chiropractic- Soccer

Dr. Carter has a strong passion for soccer, having played most of her youth. She has experienced most of the injuries that come up with this sport and loves to help players return to the field using her sports injuries chiropractic services.

Common traumas that she treats in the course of chiropractic for sports injuries are sprains of the ankle from rolling it and sprains of the sacroiliac joint from slide tackling. She also is able to help relieve strains of the hamstring, quadriceps and groin muscles. Dr. Carter uses ultrasound, electrical stimulation, manual therapy, rehabilitative exercises including stretching and Graston Technique for effective healing. Anytime you are experiencing a soccer injury, this will typically affect your alignment because you are not walking well due to pain and discomfort. Adjustments will be performed to address this issue.




At Carter Chiropractic & Wellness, we realize that sports injuries can be excruciating and frustrating, especially those that occur during competitions, tournaments and playoffs. If you require rehabilitation after a sports injury, call us today and meet Dr Susan Carter, a sports injuries Chiropractor. She can efficiently treat a variety of injuries and painful conditions connected with sports using numerous chiropractic techniques.

With the intense demands of competitive sports, it is easier than you would like to have a sports injury even if you are not playing in the pros. No warm-up activities or the lack of them, contact sports injuries, and overuse of uncomfortable or repetitive movements can all cause pain and health problems. Chiropractic for sports injuries deals mostly with sprains of your spine, ankles, hips, shoulders, and elbow injuries, groin pulls and other traumas. This method of treatment can suit you if you have back pain, neck pain, shin splints, rotator cuff syndrome, tennis or golfer's elbow, runner's knee, iliotibial band syndrome, plantar fasciitis and more.

Our sports injuries chiropractor at Carter Chiropractic & Wellness uses a wide range of non-invasive means and modern techniques to relieve your pain and make you faster and stronger than before. Avoid surgery, come back to training quicker than expected, and show better results!

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